The Matriarchs

Leah Glouberman

Leah (lay-uh) was born in LA and will probably never leave. She double majored in Theatre and Film & Television Production at USC where she made an autobiographical short film about a girl who only wears the color green. She loves acting, directing, writing, and food. Her favorite color is still green but she wears other colors now too.

Anisha Jagannathan

Anisha is an...interesting creature. She graduated from USC with a double major in SUCKING BUTT and DRAMATIC ARTS. She ACT, SING, WRITE, TAKE ON OTHER PEOPLE'S GRIEF (basic). she is OBSESSED with death (basic). Her most recent credit includes Hollywood Fringe's "Best Friend" as Kayla, if you even saw it, very LA to not show up though. She performs improv with two all FEMALE (basic YET subversive) groups "A Lot of Baggage" and "Bitty Schram" Her website is  Life's short you guys!!!! (Basic) (J'adore) (Copyright 2030).

Audrey Lipsmire

Audrey crawled out of a barbecue filled-primordial ooze puddle in St. Louis, Missouri and headed west to find gold. Upon arrival, she remembered she had no mining skills whatsoever and instead attended USC. After graduation, Audrey assisted Comedy Central's EVP of Talent & Development, and later joined Gettin' Rad Productions. She's currently stalking Lady Gaga on Twitter.

Sabrina Brennan

Sabrina grew up in Port Washington, NY (a small town where everything is water-themed) and later moved to LA, to attend USC School of Cinematic Arts (where everything is Star-Wars-themed) to study Screenwriting.

In 2018, she was named FINALIST for multiple awards at the Austin Film Festival, as well as for a Humanitas Prize. Her hobbies include crying at Tony Awards clips on YouTube, and, honestly, that's about it.

Shannon Sheridan

Shannon hails from the self proclaimed heart and soul of the midwest, Cincinnati Ohio. She studied Acting at USC's School of Dramatic Arts where she played a lot mean moms including Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet. Besides acting, Shannon enjoys corgis and sadly covering Joni Mitchell songs in her room.

Nina Kramer

Nina doesn’t have the creative energy to be witty right now. The world is in peril and her Hello Fresh order is late so here’s some dry info. Nina is a writer, director, actor who has created a handful of series that have gone on to win awards, one of them being Best Scripted Series at the Collegiate Emmy’s. She used to work for Anna Faris is Unqualified in a creative capacity, cool. She now works at MGX Creative an in house creative developer while also acting and performing comedy. She's is about to wrap on her latest series of short films (Bum One) which are set to be release in 2019. She also co-founded an all female production company called Yes Queen Films. More info can be found at